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                Chloroacetyl chloride

                English name: Chloroacetyl chloride
                CAS NO: 79-04-9
                Molecular weight: 112.9428 
                EC NO: 201-171-6
                Molecular formula: C2H2OCl2
                Specification: ≥99.0%
                Packing: plastic drum 250 kg / drum or 280 kg / barrel
                Product description:   Colorless transparent liquid, boiling point 105~106℃, relative density 1.417. Soluble in benzene, carbon tetrachloride, ether and trichloromethane.
                Uses:   The product is mainly used in compounding herbicide and insecticide in pesticide industry, in compounding medicines in pharmaceutical industry, in compounding neutral brilliant blue GL and fluorescent whitening agent EBF in dye industry. Moreover, it can also be used as extracting solvent, refrigerating agent, extinguishing agent, dyeing auxiliary, etc.
                Alias: Chloroacetyl chloride;chloroacetyl chloride
                Structural formula:

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